October 9, 2013

making progress [office and playroom]

The time has officially come for Joel to handover his claim to the spare bedroom.  He has enjoyed four years of peaceful video game playing, but we have quickly realized that we need a place where we both can have separate functioning spaces and a spot for Judah to enjoy while I'm working on my laptop or Joel is playing video games.

So we set out to the ReStore last weekend and found the perfect tables to create the long work station we have in mind.  Yay!  Here Judah and I are checking out the mirrors and doors.  The next project on our list is to finally decorate our bedroom, so of course that means make a headboard.  And if I can find an older door with fun accents to replace our pantry door, I may just have to bump that up my list as well.

We also decided to just get rid of the bed that is currently in our spare room.  It was such a freeing decision and we figured that we can just buy a really nice blow up mattress for when we do get the rare overnight visitor.  Why didn't we do this sooner??

Once the decision was made to open up all that space, my mind raced with possibilities!  So I realized that I needed to reign them in and do what I did for Judah's nursery--an inspiration board.  I still love Judah's nursery so much and I think a lot of that is because I made a plan to it and stuck to it.  I also stayed within the budget easily because if something didn't fit with my plan, then I didn't buy it.  Who knows what knick-knacks I would have ended up with if I allowed myself to buy every cute thing I came across.

So here is what I'm dreaming up for our new space:

We are picking up the second desk this weekend and getting our paint. Progress!  We're going to paint the room a light grey with some beige undertones (I hate saying greige because it's so trendy, but yeah, we're painting it greige), and picking it out was so difficult.  Can you tell?

They were all basically the same color! We decided to go with Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore (or really Home Depot's version) and I can not wait to cover up that dark blue. Bring on the light!

We're shooting to have complete by the holidays, so hopefully I'll be able to keep you updated on our progress.

Until then, I'll be scouring garage sales and thrift stores for wooden kid table sets (ideally round table), fun kid-friendly decor, and desk accessories. Wish me luck!


Charlotte @ Living Well on the Cheap said...

I am so excited to see it come together! I painted a round nightstand for Jack's play table--a pair of kid-sized chairs I bought on clearance at target work perfectly with it!

Jenny said...

That's a wonderful idea! I'll have to add that to my search. I'm currently striking out left and right. Ugh.

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