October 12, 2013

fall bucket list [pumpkin patch]

I'm sad to say that this year was the first time we decided to take a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Chopping down Christmas trees is usually our thing that we look forward to all year, but the idea of picking out pumpkins never really crossed our minds until we had Judah. Something to make into a memory and family tradition? Sign us up!

So last month, we realized that we had one free afternoon in October to make our way over, so I literally had to schedule it into our calendar! (Please tell me life slows down once your kids get older...) This shutterbug-momma-wannabe had to get the infamous kid in front of pumpkins pic, and if we had to fit it into an already fun-filled day, then so be it! 

It took less than an hour, but we had such a great time watching Judah who lit up because he thought we arrived to a field of balls.  "Ball?" was all we kept hearing as he would try and lift one--until he found the small ones and then he was in heaven.



Eventually we decided to just pick one and go with it, so I left Joel in charge.  The second Judah saw Joel picking one up, he darted for him. Then off to pay for our little pumpkin we went.

Five bucks later, we headed back home. This mini outing got me so excited for the holidays, especially Christmas when get to pick out our tree.  Doing little trips like this makes my mind race forward to when Judah will actually remember doing some of these things and will (hopefully) look forward to all the traditions we are trying to continue (and establish).  And then I have to remind myself to just enjoy the moment, so that is what I tried to do today.  As many pictures as I took, I spent some time to just watch him and Joel with my own eyes and not through the camera lens. I look forward to many more pumpkin patch dates in our future, and who knows--we may even have another pumpkin to add to our own patch a couple trips down the road! 

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