July 9, 2013

design [Val's Baby Shower Invitation]

One of my absolute best friends on the planet is just a couple months away from having her first baby!  And I could not be more excited.  Her, Nat, and Kate are "taunties" to Judah; I love this little Cajun title and couldn't wait until I got to join the ranks!  So as of October 2013, Tauntie Jen will be reporting for duty!! I should have some practice since I'll be becoming a real aunt next month! Oh my goodness, I can't wait for that either!!  My brother is having a boy, and I am dying to meet the little guy.  (And spoil the heck out of him.) If he's even half as cute as James was as a baby, then we're all in trouble! Such a great few months ahead.

But back to the point of this post...We're throwing Val her first baby shower and are hard at work getting things ready.  Her twin sis is quite the combination of organization and creativity--two things that normally don't really go together, but with her--it works. :) So needless to say, she has this hosting thing down to a science.  I'm excited for Val to get to experience it, especially since I still think back often on the perfectness of my baby shower that I had.  I actually just had to buy baby soap/shampoo recently! People are so generous and I'm anxious to see Val's excitement and see her visualize using each thing she opens for Vivi. 

I had the task of designing the invites, so I wanted it to reflect Val and her personality.  I think I'm a bit of an expert on the subject, so it honestly took all of 20 minutes to whip this bad boy up. I originally had a different calligraphy font planned, but I ended up not having access to it and this one is Val's primary business font now, so it worked even better.  :)

They went out a couple weeks ago, and she was excited to get them.  For some reason, when I got my baby shower invite in the mail, it all hit me.  It was happening and people wanted to help me prepare. Funny how just a few words and designs on paper make it all come to reality inside your head. And knowing Val, I'm sure she's already had that realization (and probably created some excel spreadsheet or InDesign file to help manage her expectations). :)  I just hope we can at least help prepare her in as many ways as possible in the most exciting fashion--a baby shower!

Photo credit: Val's Instagram

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Valerie said...

Ah! Such a sweet post!! I LOVE the invitations and can't wait to celebrate with y'all soon!! :)

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