June 11, 2013

off he goes!

It looks like 13 months was when Judah decided that he was done with crawling around.  Last Friday, we were playing with Judah before his bath time and bedtime and decided to see if he would walk to us.  We've tried this many times in the past only to have Judah stand for a second and then plop back down and go to whatever toy he was drawn to. He was so not interested.

But this time was different.  Joel and I sat across from each other and once I stood Judah up, he went for it.  He took a couple really shaky steps toward Joel and then walked right into his arms. We both about lost it! I could not have planned a better scenario of how or when Judah took his first steps. Not only was I extremely grateful that we both were there to see him, but I was also excited that it was where he learned all his other firsts--in the middle of our living room.  One of my biggest annoyances with being a working mom was being sad thinking that I would miss out of all his fun "firsts."  But surprisingly, I haven't missed any and this was the last (baby) one to check off my list.

After Judah stepped his way to Joel, he turned around and wanted to come to me.  Be still my heart.  And he proceed to walk to me with the biggest grin on his little face and his arms flailing above him.  We did this until we thought he couldn't do it anymore.  And then he wanted to keep going.  Maybe it was our reaction of jubilee each time he made it across our increasing gap or it was just new and exciting to him, but either way he loves his newest trick.

I decided yesterday morning it was time to get it on video and when he walked from his dresser to his crib all by himself, I knew it was the perfect moment.  So I ran and got my phone and then took this video.  All day he got braver and braver and walked almost across the living room by the end of it. I think my time of having a crawler is officially coming to a close.

Exciting times!  I hear this means I need to dust off my running shoes.  :)

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Ashley said...

Tried to watch, but it says "This video is private."??? :(

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