June 5, 2013


There have been so many times lately that I'm beginning to realize how quickly Judah's little mind is expanding and soaking up so much information.  The other day, while I was checking out at the grocery store, I placed this mini watermelon on the counter and turned back to the cart to keep unloading.  Then I heard Judah say, "ball?" I looked over and he was looking at the watermelon! It was the cutest thing that was just an example of how he is associating round objects with balls.

Sometimes I think that he only says "ball" at home because to him our little soccer ball is his definition of ball.  But to see him apply that outside of the house on another round object left me kind of in awe.  I know it is such a small thing to even blog about but it was such a proud moment for him and I left the grocery store smiling ear to ear.

He is getting quite the bag of tricks lately and I know this will only be the beginning of seeing all the things he is connecting in that little mind of his. 

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