June 3, 2013

looking back [2012 | Part I]

This beast of a post has taken me 6 months to put together, but these yearly look backs are the posts that I find myself reading and rereading the most.

Armed with my laptop, I sit down and scroll through the hundreds of pictures I took and reminisce over the year. Some things I've almost forgotten, others I'm glad they are over (I'm looking at you 4-hour sleep nights.)  As wonderful as it is to see all the memories staring back at me, it's always bittersweet as I'm reminded that it's another chapter that has come to a close.

Joel and I aren't huge fans of change and get really comfortable in the familiar, so while most people love making resolutions and setting their sights on new and bright things on the new year's horizon, I hold on for a few more moments to the amazing things we experienced in the previous year. 

And what a year it was!  Which this is why I am having to post it in two parts.  Going through pics from the holidays will take much more time and I've held this post up long enough, so here we go!

enjoyed Joel's famous pancakes

kept taking monthly shots of belly

took some baby classes

watched these two research for fantasy baseball

witnessed a baptism to Judah's future BFF

went and got burgers...a lot

started getting Judah's room ready

finished getting Judah's room ready (months later)

Joel put together the crib and dresser with the help of Nicky!

Had my first baby shower!

enlisted help to put all our new things for Judah away

made the art piece for Judah's room

protection first!

the verse I chose to pray over him from the beginning and still do when I put him in his crib.

(and yes, i know i misspelled a word--it drove me crazy for the longest time, but now it's just part of it.
 i think that will be my art signature. to misspell things and see if people can find the incorrect word.
kind of ironic for a professional editor, no? :))

had to adjust it so many times, but i absolutely love it.

went bowling with ZCG

hamburgers always meant getting a shake to split--seriously, we went all the time.

snuck a surprise massage gift card for all his hard work constructing Judah's crib and dresser

finished my second project for the nursery

took my maternity pics by the super talended amanada causey

met Teagan!!

kept taking belly pics

joel drafted for his 5 fantasy leagues

had a shower from the ladies at work--i couldn't go empty handed!

DIY nursery project no. 3

all thanks to this guy

got Joel good with an April Fool's joke

surprised Joel with a basket of goodies on opening day

then I surprised him again by having to be hospitalized the same day because Judah gave us quite the scare

almost having Judah made us realize how much stuff we still had to put together

watched and felt Judah move around so much--see his little bottom sticking out?

watched Joel eat crawfish

was reminded of a time when he used to pick me up for dates with flowers from a local church's garden

This is how Joel watches baseball

This is how Joel celebrates when his fantasy team does well

started having to get ultrasounds every week, so Joel would look through them at night

got my office ready for maternity leave

Saw ammo cans and Joel couldn't resist

Went and picked up our rocker/recliner

took one last belly pic after my water broke that morning and we checked into the hospital--on my due date!

 baby boy arrived! (images gifted to me by our sweet friend amanda causey--best gift ever!!)

had lots of visitor to meet our new bundle of joy (now she is expecting in October!!)

we didn't stay dry that much in the beginning

I had my first Mother's Day

Judah got rocked, sang to, danced with every day around 9pm-2am, aka the time when he liked to scream for no reason.

and after a few weeks, he went back to work once a week.

got and conquered baby acne--and kept making really funny faces

slept for many hours in my arms

got to hang out with his taunties on his one-month birthday

smiled for the first time on his six week birthday at the sound of me saying "happy six weeks, my baby!"

cuddled up on dad's chest a lot

i got spoiled by my own mom who came up every Monday last summer to help me and clean our house--such a blessing!

Joel's had his first Father's Day

Judah got to hang out with his buddy Teagan

Had my first cup of coffee since finding out I was preggo--still was decaf since I was nursing..whomp, whomp.

Took Judah on lots of walks to get some air

Little man slept many good naps in his swing.  It was a sad day when he outgrew it.

Started showing signs of his happy personality

Joel got the hang of grilling and cooking us many dinners

I often heard animated noise and then would find Joel reading his favorite book to Judah

Had lots of fun time on our bed

Spent my last day at home before I went back to work

Aunt Sarah came in for a few visits. 
(This is also when I would bombard her with nurse questions and she would put my mind at ease)

Sitting up like a big boy in the bumbo

Celebrated our 5th anniversary

Had lots of naptime snuggles

Got work done around the house when he didn't want to be left in the swing

Continued to loose my hair.  Pregnancy and motherhood is so glamorous.

Had Judah dedicated

Judah started to really enjoy play time on his belly since he could hold his head up so well

Weathered a hurricane at Nana and Papa's

Judah's last pic with Papa

Spent time watching daddy (this has only gotten worse!)

Laughed with his tongue out for weeks

Had to fix our door after it broke after community group at 9 o'clock at night

Loved playing on his pallet and snuggling in his swaddles

Part II to come (October, November, and December)!

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Valerie said...

Loved reading this!! Judah sure has changed in just a year!! i can't even believe it!!

Fernanda Andrade said...

Are you brazilian? Your blog is so sweet, I'm a reader now. I'm sorry for the mistakes, I'm still learning English.
See you.

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