January 3, 2011

looking back [2010]

wow.  another year has come and gone!  time really does fly, and i couldn't be more thankful for every year God gives me to be with family and friends, so in honor of 2010, here are a few of our favorite and most memorable moments.  happy new year!!! 

i painted with my mom and friends (she just had to be different)

 hung out or went to dinner with my best friends from high school every month (well almost)

 the civic finally hit 100,000 miles after 9 years. (i thank dorm life and close campus living for the longevity of our little green hornet)

 in exchange for the design of her logo, we had our pictures taken by our wonderfully talented and good friend amanda causey

i witnessed the beginnings of riskapades and baked dozens upon dozens of chocolate chip cookies

me and betsy got to cheer for our husbands while they played softball for not one but two different leagues


 said "see you later" to a best friend who moved to nashville

 sent out a number of these to my sweet and wonderful new and old friends (you know who you are)

celebrated my parent's 30th anniversary

headed up to nashville for a visit!


went to go see a play centered around a place that joel knows all too well

went on a vacation to celebrate previously mentioned anniversary

 got to watch a best friend experience her first shower

went on a fun beach trip/bachelorette weekend 

bought a car.  finally.

got to hang out with friends when they came in to visit


 watched a best friend transform and glow like no one else on her wedding day

photo by jason cohen

rewarded myself regularly for finishing my weekly to do lists i created at work

and just ate lots of ice cream in general for no apparent reason

said goodbye to our community group that we'd been in for the last 2 years over make-your-own french bread pizza--great memories and even better people

 came home to flowers joel saw growing and thought i would like...just because

went on lots of dates

 watched one of our favorite TV personalities do stand up

helped host a very special baby shower

took a calligraphy class with a best friend from the cutest little lady i've ever met

 introduced my youngest cousin to the importance of list making and thrift store shopping

and ugly face picture taking

dressed up and went to our church's halloweenie roast

carved pumpkins together for the first time

with the help from a couple friends, we discovered a disc golf course, which made joel love our little town even more than he already did

 got to hang out with joel's hilarious younger brother

started, finished, and didn't finish many DIY projects


visited and prayed for my mom and her hip and knee surgeries

joel continued to talk on his phone like it's a parrot because it only works on speakerphone (and it cracks me up every time)

we painted ceramics with the millers

cut down our Christmas tree

finally used our chiminea during the first cold night (complete with hot chocolate for added warmth)

 went to the annual ornament party

 and came home with the cutest little owl (thanks ashley!)

spent Christmas together and visited family

and celebrated the new year with joel's awesome display of fireworks and fun friends

now to start capturing memories for twenty eleven!!  :)


Christina said...

It looks like you had such a fun year! I love your Christmas decorations!

katehays23 said...

I loved this post so much! You inspire me to take pictures more regularly...even just the everyday things! What was the burlap goodness? I wasn't one of those chosen people to get one ;)

Anonymous said...

augh jennyg. i love you. and your blog posts. fantastic.

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