August 5, 2010

third time's a charm

for our anniversary, we decided to finally try out texas de brazil. we both don't like the unfamiliar, so it was such an awkward feeling not knowing what to do or what to expect. i signed up for the emails a few months ago and didn't realize that they send you a complimentary dinner on your anniversary--so we figured this time was better than any!

before we went, we exchanged gifts. the three year present is leather. i was so excited about what to get joel b/c i knew it'd be a lot easier to buy a leather type gift for him than him for me (he ALWAYS outgifts me, so i was happy for the chance to finally outgift him). weeeeeelll he totally cheated! i got him a leaterish ottoman that has a top you can fold out for your laptop (something he always grabs a pillow for) AND he needed a small place next to his futon to put drinks or his laptop when he's not using it.

i thought i had it in the bag...until i opened my present.

it was a cute little pleather wallet (orange--my favorite color) but inside was a certificate for an hour long massage! i could have died!! i was elated!!! he later decided that the massage table is leather, so it still counted. ugh. he's the best gift giver ever--i didn't stand a chance.

[operation outgift joel for christmas commences now]

dinner was fabulous! my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and i only had one moment of regret with my meat selection. poor baby lamb. also during dinner, i thought it'd be hilarious to dare joel to ask for ketchup, but the look of horror on his face made me realize that it wouldn't be the best idea, haha.

overall, it was such a great evening, and we're so glad we went and finally experienced what all the buzz was about.

next week, we're headed to new orleans for our anniversary trip and play tourist. we're staying in the same hotel we did for our honeymoon before we left for our cruise. we have lots of things lined up, so i'm super excited. who knew there was so much fun stuff to do in new orleans?? even though it's not the beach this year, i have a feeling we won't mind the change. :)

thanks to everyone who texted, called, e-mailed, tweeted, and facebooked us for our anniversary!! it was very much appreciated. :)

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Jenn Lynn Huey said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! I love the color you picked out for the living room, I hadn't seen it yet. Very pretty!

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