January 7, 2011

glass glamour

i just had to share this!  my future sister-in-law saw my gift post and decided she wanted to attempt the wine glass gift for a few of her girlfriends. they are on a budget (planning a wedding and all!) but still wanted to give them something thoughtful and personal.  aren't they adorable?!?

i think she did such a great job, and i especially love how she added the tissue paper to present them.  i know her friends will love/are loving these!

can you believe people sell these for $20-30??? 

have a great weekend! :)


Ashley said...

Fun! So, I made the pies in a jar, but forgot to take pics. They did come out super cute though. Also, I have a random craft question...can you modge podge a tin can? I have some popcorn tins left over from Christmas and would like to cover them and use them to store Trace's toys. Let me know what you think...

Jenny said...

i'm so glad the pies came out!

i would think a tin can would be fine to modge podge. i always just try it, let it dry overnight, and then see if i like it. but people modge podge everything, so i'm sure tins are on that list! :)

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