January 20, 2011

30 before 30 [christmas cheer]

Well I finally did it!  I finally sent a Christmas card!  (Without a hint of procrastination might I add.) I normally design one and then get cold feet because I felt weird just sending a card with me and Joel's picture on it.  And then there is the whole thought of: how do I celebrate the birth of our Savior with a 5 x 7 pic of me and Joel, complete with an overused Christmas phrase--but in a great font choice and color combo of course!

And then I just had to stop thinking so hard about it. I came to the conclusion that designing is a passion of mine, and it's rare that I get to express it within my own limits, so I saw this as an opportunity to show love to those around me in my own way and reflect on the great and joyful life we are able to have because of Him, His birth, His life, and ultimately His sacrifice.  Plus, I know I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail and seeing families grow--just to be thought of is such a great feeling.  So I decided to go for it, and I'm so glad I did.

Which brings me to cross out list item #13 from my 30 before 30 list:

13. send out a Christmas card 
(I design one every year, but then never follow through)

The response was overwhelming, and it just went to show me that people were touched and excited to receive a card from us for the first time.  I quickly realized that something so simple as a picture with words can bring someone love and meaning. 


Janee said...

Everyone who came to my house commented on how much they loved y'all's card. Haha, and one of my former students commented on a facebook pic where you could see the card in the background... apparently y'all are cousins?? ha!

Jenny said...

i had no idea!! yep lauren is one of my many wonderful cousins on my dad's side. i knew she went to chs, but i guess i never thought to put it together--i hope she didn't give you too much trouble. ;)

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