March 19, 2010

30 before 30

i saw one of my favorite FRIENDS episodes the other day when rachel turns 30 and it got me thinking. why don't i have anything to look forward to when i turn 30 in 5 years?? so, in honor of my favorite TV show of all time, i decided to make a “things to do before I turn 30” list, phoebe buffay style. let’s just hope that when i complete it, i won’t then find out i’m really 31...poor phoebe. :)

1. get back to my wedding day weight (it’s only 10 lb.; that should be easy right??)
2. throw a party
3. watch a sunrise at the beach
4. bring all my decorating ideas for our house to life
5. buy a camera and learn how to use it
6. watch AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies list (a professor in one of my design classes in college urged us to do this...i think it's time to take his advice :))
7. finish reading Pride and Prejudice
8. make our garden pretty again
9. get a web site for jen&ink
10. get my wisdom teeth out
11. join a Pilates class
12. stop biting my nails
13. send out a Christmas card (I design one every year, but then never follow through)
14. take a cooking class
15. become a mom
16. clean out my e-mail (3000 and counting)
17. go hiking in the mountains again
18. travel more (Austin, New York, and Chicago are on the top of my list)
19. get to know my neighbors
20. go on a fun road trip
21. go without TV for a week
22. pay off my student loan
23. buy a new car
24. cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself
25. learn how to Cajun dance (I feel as if I’m living a lie not knowing how)
26. pay for a stranger somewhere anonymously
27. see Michael Buble in concert
28. visit a winery
29. see a Broadway show
30. learn to drive a stick shift

1 comment:

LindseYaYa said...

Oh! I'm a secret blog lurker and your list inspired me to say 'hi.' I think you and your Manly are precious together... and I think your gumption to dive into your design work is inspiring... AND I love the way you are processing your latest pics. :)

Good luck sweeping through that list in the next few years! xo

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