March 14, 2010

baby got bike

last saturday joel came in the living room and said, "ya know what? i have a surprise for you." i got real excited because i love, love surprises. then he went, "and next saturday you'll get it." ahhhhhhh...the torture! so all week i spent racking my brain on what it could possibly be. he specified that it was small because he knows how my mind can run. throughout the week he continued to egg me on. "it's supposed to sunny this saturday...the surprise is better for a sunny day." or "you might want to wear tennis shoes...doesn't matter though...your choice."

so you can imagine my excitement when saturday finally came around. as i was getting ready, i saw he was cleaning out his truck. his truck??? why would we need his truck? i was so confused. my best guess was that we were going antiquing. i had absolutely no clue.

so FINALLY he let me in on what he'd been planning once we were closer. it was something that we'd been wanting to get and do ever since we started dating but just never have.


i was sooooo excited! riding bikes is one of my best memories as a little girl. my dad would always take me and my brother on the best bike rides ever. we had woods and trails behind our house that were lots of fun, but mainly just bike rides around the neighborhood were some of the greatest times.

so we pulled up to academy and checked out the selection. we opted for some that would be good enough for casual riding...i'm so not hardcore in case you couldn't tell. my bike even has and preppy :) and it's no surprise that joel went for the black and gray one...his go-to colors.

it was such an amazing surprise to finally get bikes! we couldn't wait, so after joel got them aired up, we went for a bike ride around our neighborhood when we got home. i quickly learned how wind affects my ability to ride a bike. ouch...the thigh muscles were working. big time. it's been so long since i've even gotten on a bike, and joel assured me that even though i used to be able to ride with no hands on the grips that i should definitely not attempt to do so now. haha, he knows me way too well. we had so much fun, and i can not wait for all the bike rides that await.

now all i have to do is figure out a name for my brand-new bike. :) suggestions??


Valerie Metrejean said...

Well Joel is just the cutest thing EVER!!! Sounds like so much fun.

Kendra said...

Yay! Date bike rides are the best! Love it!

Erin said...

I love a good bike ride! That's so sweet and fun all at the same time!

Kathie said...

I know I'm an old fogey... but there was no mention of helmets. Even a small fall where you hit your head could end life as you know it... (I work in a rehabilitation hospital and have seen some tragic examples of this in very young people).

Please get helmets and wear them every time you get on your bikes. You will never regret it.

Christi said...

awww!! that is so sweet. i love it :)

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