January 24, 2011

DIY [ "wallpaper" ]

During this past weekend trip to Ikea, I knew I wanted to get two oversized white frames for the wall you see when you walk in our bedroom.  At first, I thought of putting pictures of me and Joel (our hands and feet pic thanks to Amanda Causey)  and then switching it out as the family grows or we get older, but then it hit me.  Do I really need to see a blown up version of myself first thing when I walk into our room--even if it is more abstract??

The answer was a big, resounding "absolutely not."

I've had this idea in mind since before we bought our house, but I haven't had a space for it--until now.  Where else is the perfect place to be reminded of not only our wedding day, but a verse that is very dear to us as a couple and individually?  So that was it.

I took the last part of the verse and got inspiration from a fabric I saw at Ikea (can't find it online) and this Ballard outdoor rug:

I love the "under fancified" (it makes sense to me) scribble type fonts and how it looks like an art piece when standing away from it, but then it's legible when you get closer. And I'm on a big tilting kick right now with my designs, as I'm sure you noticed.  The verse is cut in half vertically and reads as one between the two frames.  I absolutely love when things in my mind turn out how I want it and can't wait to get them up on the wall!  I'll be sure to update this post when that happens.  Joel is hard at work assembling everything else we got this weekend, so I might just have to give it a shot myself. 

Also, because I'm always thinking of how I can turn anything into a gift, this would be a great, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift:
  • Create a text box in Word
  • Paste the verse or quote you want inside
  • Make that nasty shape outline clear or white
  • Play around with different fonts, sizes, and spacing
  • Enlarge the box or shrink to match your frame (under the "format" tab in word, you can make it an exact size you want--see image)

You could even save this gift idea for someone's birthday or Christmas.  I bet if you find out now what verse is meaningful to your future gift recipient then they won't even remember by the time December rolls around!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

You are brilliant. And it's ashame you went and posted "how to". Now I can't ask you to make me one.


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