February 1, 2011

love notes

I honor of the upcoming "Hallmark Holiday,"  I thought it would be fun to share some notes I found from Joel when cleaning out a few things.  He worked at a local day camp for many, many years and would bring home the cutest and funniest things he did during "craft time."

Excuse the mushy post, but one of the reasons I have this blog to to be able to look back on it as the years go by and our family grows--it's my own virtual scrapbook--that I also share with anyone whose interested, and sometimes that means having to endure posts like these.  :)

The first one is by far my favorite.  Sometimes I forget about all the different qualities of the man I married, and then I find things like this that remind me why I couldn't have done any better.

(Also, this post was approved by said note maker and marker drawer before posting.)

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