February 6, 2011

IKEA bound

 A couple weeks ago, I finally cashed in my Christmas present--a trip to IKEA with a somewhat limited budget.  It's a well known fact that I've been dying to go to finish buying the things for our room (the most neglected room in the house), and Joel thought it would make a great surprise.  He was right.  Not only did the present include a trip to IKEA, but he had already taken care of getting us a room to stay the night, so it wouldn't be a rushed experience.  :)

I was so excited that I had my list ready for weeks.

We stopped for lunch/dinner at a road trip must! We were both craving it, but couldn't see any signs.  I typed in the name of the restaurant and city and sent it as a text to Google.  Within seconds, we found one coming up off the next exit.  iPhone-Smi-Phone.  :)

i is dumb...

Once we finally made it to the hotel, checked in, and put our bags down, we did what any
couple of typical twenty somethings would do in a big city on a Saturday night: 

watched a marathon of Hoarders and played Banagrams.  

I was winning the entire game, peel after peel, until Joel came back in the
end with his board nearly falling off the bed.

I'm just realizing that I never did check to see if "warf" was a word...

After the exciting game of word play and just before the lady that hoarded cats could explain why she's not "crazy" for wanting to house hundreds of cats, it was time for the milk and cookie buffet.

After that, we may have watched one more episode of Hoarders (don't judge us!), and then Joel decided that outside was "hoppin,'" so we should walk around for a bit.  We spotted a coffee shop and had to check it out We love coffee almost as much as we love each other.

This was right before we chatted with a homeless man and then fist-bumped him good bye.  On our way back to the room, I scratched under my eye to which Joel kindly added, "Ya know, 8 outta 10 homeless people have Hepatitis C."  

For the next 20 minutes, Joel tried to convince me that I didn't contract Hepatitis C and that it wasn't now in my eye socket.

The next day, we lounged around, ate the best continental breakfast, and finally headed to IKEA.  I thought I was giving two very sturdy "thumbs up"  in this pic, but clearly I was not.

We didn't take any more pics, but spent an entire day browsing and purchasing some things I've had my eye on for a while.  I was able to get everything on my list, so that was good enough for me!

It was such a great time, and I have a feeling we'll be going back now that baseball season is coming up in a couple months.  :)


Anonymous said...

#1--"live simply. love deeply." took my breath away. i want to copy and paste that on my blog, but then people would judge me.

#2--you are the most adorable thing ever. no joke.

#3--hoarders always me want to clean EVERYTHING. honestly, that's how The Purge of 2010 started--i watched 3 episodes in a row.

#4--you can't build up a trip to ikea and not tell what you bought.

Jenny said...

haha! i know! i'll have to take a pic when i'm done with all the stuff. it def wasn't much!

glad you like my header! it's survived two different header designs over the last year or so, so i think it's there to stay! :)

Trent said...

you KNOW i love me some ikea. It's a bit crazy how excited i get to go there! can't wait to see what you got!

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