January 2, 2009

new year

wow. i can't believe it's already 2009. but i am soooo happy its finally here! last year definitely had its ups and downs, and i'm better for it. but the new year is a great time to look back and move on. here are some pics from this past year that make me so thankful and remind me of the wonderful life God has truly blessed me with.

had a front row seat to see the pure joy of becoming engaged

i saw design work pay off in the highest form at the student addys by taking home a gold addy, 2 silvers, and the best of show...truly unforgettable

celebrated valentines day the right way ;)

went on picnics and spent a lot of time swinging and drinking coffee at the park

took a fun weekend trip to visit one of the most amazing couples

cooked lots of waffles and pancakes

began the "summer o' weddings" with good friends and a great couple (who are especially fun to play long hours of scrabble with)

experienced just how much my husband LOVES baseball, especially his beloved astros

spent time with the best friends a girl could possibly have

coordinated my first wedding for a lovely couple who i will always think of when i see polka dots. oh how i loved her dress...

discovered cake balls!!

finally agreed to play risk

...and got bored

witnessed the best serenade ever!!! mariah better watch out :)

got to play a special part in joel's cousin's wedding...6 years in doesn't even begin to describe it :)

ate a lot of year-old cake

celebrated a whole year of marriage

watched a best friend walk down the aisle and light up the room

weathered storm a la gustav

got a new job at LSU that made me realize just how good God is and that His plans are far better than mine

had a mini-high school reunion and wished there were more

found an honest couple that's so much fun to hang out with and easy to talk to

cheered for AHS from the stands for the first time since high school

had a snow day!

but now since its officially 2009, i get to think of what this year will bring. i'm such a sucker for new beginnings and start-overs. i love setting goals (probably because i'm a lover of lists), and i already set a few for this year:

1. cook more, bake less--as much as i love baking, its just not good for my waistline. joel isn't a big sweets person, and i always end up eating it or throwing it away. and i HATE wasting. i'm a product of "clean your plate" syndrome, and it hurts me to throw away perfectly good food. this is probably why the majority of my life (pre-joel) was spent being a little...ok, a lot chunkier. joel does love to eat hot meals, so i'll focus more on cooking and finding new recipes for what we enjoy eating.

2. do more coupon clipping--i always look for deals and sales everywhere BUT the grocery store. i'm stuck to buying the same stuff. but i have been reading more articles and blogs with strategies and tips on how to create meals around coupons or deals that are going on in the store. it takes more planning, but if i'll be cooking more then it should be worth it.

4. hard-core clean out closet--i have pieces in my closet from my freshman year of high school, not college, high school! i was 14; its time to let some things go. i found this a while back and thought it was a good guide for basic staples every wardrobe needs. i've been slowly working my way through the list, so i should be done by this year. :) plus who doesn't LOVE tim "make it work" gunn?

5. stop biting nails--my dad has been begging me to stop since i can remember. he even got some of that tabasco stuff that is supposed to fix nail biters, but i kind of liked it, and it backfired. he still fusses as me when i see him and he catches me biting them. i don't even realize i do it anymore and am convinced they just won't grow. granted, i've never made a conscious effort to stop. at least i don't think?

so consider that the condensed version. i have many more like learn how to use my AMAZING new sewing machine (so much fabric, so little time), finish all the craft projects i started (i have a drawer FULL), go through my wedding pictures (yes, i know...shame on me), go to bed earlier (its just so hard when there's so much other fun stuff to do), and the list goes on and on and always will.

i hope everyone had a happy new year, and i can't wait to see what it will bring!


Sarah said...

I loved your post! So glad that Brady and I were in it :-)

Looking forward to this weekend!!!

Valerie said...

What a year! It's so cool to see how it all came together. Love you!

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