December 26, 2008

ho, ho, oreo

last week, my best friend kate gave me an awesome idea for a present/recipe for oreo bark. ooooh so good! i had one bite of hers, and i knew what i had to do...make some and bring it to each of our family christmases. i decided to hand it out as one of our presents to joel's side since we sit around and open presents, and for mine on sunday, i'll just make a big batch and set it out to munch on since some of the people in my family are on never-ending diets.

i couldn't find a cheap enough tin or jar to pass out to everyone, so i found this link and decided to make my own boxes. it was so fun, and i highly recommend making these boxes if you ever want to give out small items like candy, cookies, etc. one, they are a chance to personalize it with any kind of paper you want and just be creative, and two, they are oh so cheap. i mean who doesn't want to make their gift even more special and from the heart?

the boxes ended up being such the perfect size. i used 12 x 12 inch cardstock paper for the top and 11.5 x 11.5 inch for the bottom; i also made the band an inch thicker than what the tutorial suggests. personal preference. :) i made 12, spent about $7, and it took me a couple hours to make them all. granted, i wouldn't suggest doing them all in one sitting because i'm pretty sure i temporarily lost feeling in my finger tips from all the folding of the paper. but they came out so cute, and everyone LOVED them!


Valerie said...

Love em! I definitely watched the tutorial and loved every minute of it.

Lorien said...

ummmm, i hope your friend kate gave credit where credit was due for that recipe. ahem. :)

cute boxes!!!! i put mine in ones i found from hobby lobby. 8 for $1.50!

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