December 23, 2008

jenny green giant

i thought i'd share a pic of some of the ladies i work with. i am by far the youngest and apparently the tallest, but some of them have been working at LTRC since they were my age...which is a good sign, right? this was taken at our latest conference in lafayette. LTRC hosted a seminar at the hilton, and i learned that our department (communications and publications) usually goes to help with registration. it was actually a lot of fun because after registration was over, we just hung out in the lobby, talked, and made sure everything was taken care of if something came up. it was great getting to know them better and hearing some of their hilarious yet sometimes scary stories (e.g., wild child birth stories). i can already tell that i will learn a lot from these women, haha.

the good part about traveling to lafayette was getting a chance to go home for a bit. my mom's excitement was through the roof and my dad and brother were excited in a normal, healthy way, haha. my mom complains she's the only girl in the house now, but time did not stand still, so she had to see this coming. kids grow up and move out. i think she's still in denial that i'm off and married. :)

when i got home, i went to my bed and saw my mom had put a travel size shower gel and small bottle of lotion along with one of my favorite treats--chocolate covered cherries--on my pillow. she's so cute. we had supper and talked for hours while i was trying to dodge their stinky dog, louie, that seems to get hair on you even if you just look at him. it was great having the whole family together, catching up, and laughing. and of course the trip wouldn't have been complete without my dad's famous french toast and coffee in bed. yum. that man can cook. i'll get to see them again in a few days, and that makes me happy. i can't wait for them to see what we got them for Christmas. :)

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