December 15, 2008

second installation

it’s time for installation #2 of things you may or may not know about me. here is my first case you need a refresher. :)

::i have a complete obsession with blogs. almost unhealthy. i’m currently subscribed to over 70, and that’s after I go in every now and then and delete the ones I don’t read. which even then, that doesn't seem like a lot to me. google reader is the best thing that ever happened to me. it makes it so much easier to read your blogs since it lets you subscribe to however many you want, and then tells you when each blog has a new post. pure bliss. here are a few of my favorites (i know this because my heart jumps a beat when I see I have unread items):

Vintage Glam
How About Orange
snippet & ink
2000 Dollar Budget Wedding
This Young House
ikea hacker

::i have a slightly deformed ear. i usually forget about it, but my left ear has an overabundance of cartilage on the top part. don’t worry—it sounds waaay more gross than it actually is.

::my favorite number is 15. it started when i was in 6th grade, was number 15, and made the cheerleading squad for the first time. it continued my freshman year in high school when i was number 15 and made varsity for the first time. later, joel gave me a shirt from when he played baseball and on the back was number 15. recently, i lost my job on the 15th, which wasn’t so lucky. but then exactly a month later on the 15th i was offered a full time position somewhere else. so as you can see, 15 and i have had quite an interesting relationship over the years. i was very tempted to get married on the 15th of a month, but i decided that might be overkill.

::sometimes when i sing in my car, i open up my phone and pretend to be on it, so i don’t look ridiculous to other drivers. but then i worry that one day i’ll accidently answer a call and not mean to while i’m singing my heart out. that would be embarrassing. i’m a terrible singer, but what’s worse is that i used to think i could sing. now, i’m having flash backs of all those middle school solos… ”swing low, sweet chariot…”

::i have a weird thing about my purse touching the floor in public. i cringe at all the germs that are on the floors of public restrooms, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. yuck. i’ll usually just hold my purse in my lap if I have no other option. i've spent many meals or movie nights awkwardly clutching on to my purse.


Sarah said...

LOL! I loved the one about you "singing" on your phone :-)
Anytime I'm singing, if I come to a red light, I have to stop. Once that light turns green, I start's always that awkward "what if they're watching and laughing" feeling! haha

ashley hawthorne said...

Girl, i LOVE decor8! i feel like holly is one of my best friends :) i'll have to send you some more i come across as a designer... so many awesome ones!

Valerie said...

I love finding out new stuff about you old friend!!

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