April 7, 2008

what about me?

i used to do these little installments of "random facts about me" on xanga, so i'm bringing it back on blogger. thats right, get excited. i have a few more since my xanga days, so i figured i'd share.

::i hate, and i stress HATE taking showers. its like i'm a kid again, and showers are my enemy. they're just inconvenient; however, as annoying as they are, i do shower. i just don't like it.

::i read all magazines from the back to front. i think this stemmed from me as child being forced to read books and having to do summaries. i would read the back first and keep reading until i got a good enough grasp of what was going to turn in a summary. the first few chapters are boring and everyone knows the best part is the end...just call me impatient

::i can't get comfortable if i smell that an animal has been there. i realize this makes me sound like a horrible person, but i can't explain it, it just sicks me out and makes me want to itch. yes, while most people see animals as cute and cuddly, all i see are flea traps and a smell so strong and stinky that it will stay on me and my clothes for days.

::im honest and blunt to a fault when i talk to my closest friends. i put it all out there and have a hard time keeping what i think to myself. i've learned that not everyone can handle that, haha.

::joel is officially the funniest person i've ever met or known. when we were just friends, i thought he was humorous at best, but since we've been married, i just can't get enough of it. i'm laughing right now just thinking of all the funny things he does. haha. its ironic too because when i first met him, i immediately wanted to rule him out bc i didn't think he was funny and he spiked his hair. ha! if only i had known he was playing up his "mysterious" side at the time. he makes me laugh so hard every day, and its become his goal in life to keep me laughing. he does a great job, and i'm very thankful for that.

well, thats all for now! you'll just have to wait for the next installment to learn more. :)

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