April 3, 2008

picture perfect

i love pictures and could look through them ALL day if i had the time. i don't even have to know the people in the pic to appreciate it. i especially love pictures that reflect art in some way. i love being creative and when i see people being creative in unconventional ways, that just makes me happy.

here a pic that i thought was really cool:

at first you may miss the reflection of the heart, but then when you see it, its so evident and you don't know how you missed it the first time. i think this is great and makes a big statement in a small and simple picture.


how can you not love this picture? Its a big trend right now and you may see some ads nationally that incorportate this kind of style of illusion. Very clever.

speaking of ads (one of my most favorite topics):

isn't this hilarious? i'm all about alternative marketing, and when i see ads like this, it makes me want to think of what we can do for our clients.

in the spirit of great pics, one of my absolute bffs is getting married soon, and she just took her engagement pics. the pics came out SO great! her sister, lorien and an aspiring photographer, made the magic happen. for more pics, you should check out her blog on my blog roll.

this was one of my favs because it was like we caught a sneak peek of the lovebirds in their element. yay for love and capturing it on film. :)

hope everyone has a great weekend! me and joel actually have fun plans, and i'm so excited. one of my high school friends is coming in town to go to a concert in BR and wants to hang out and get to know joel too. its so weird to me that some of my high school friends (aka girls i grew up with from elementary to graduation)don't know him. but hopefully that will change as we all start to spend more time together again since we all parted ways for college. we have a beach trip planned, and i seriously couldn't be more excited!!!

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