April 2, 2008

delicious, chocolaty goodness

in case you don't know, i am a complete and utter chocoholic. i LOVE chocolate and would bathe in it if it was sanitary. dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate...yummmmmmm. to be honest, i just have a pretty big sweet tooth in general. sooo i had been eying these red velvet cake balls by bakerella (check her blog out on my blogroll for more cute things to bake):

and i have been waiting for a time to make them. well, joel was very excited because the astros were having their first game of the season, so that seemed like a good enough reason to me! they weren't hard to make and i ended up bringing some to work because there were so many. work loved them and joel devoured them. heres a pic of the final product for your viewing pleasure. they're no bakerella, but blogs are no fun without some visual stimulant, so i try to make mine a little less boring...

doesn't that just make you want to lick the screen?!? i used devils food cake mix and whipped choc. icing. these are so fun bc you can used whatever cake combo you like and they make SO many. i have WAY too many leftover and its like they are calling my name in the kitchen. "jenny, one more won't hurt." lies, all lies. ive managed to control my craving for today, but i can't be held responsible for my actions tomorrow. ive been begging joel to finish them off. but his sweet tooth isn't nearly as big as mine.

i love making things for him and watching him take his first bite. its just so rewarding. :) but i think he's too easy to please or is just being a good husband. "oh wow, this is great!" or "oooh, this is delicious!" i mean, he can't like EVERYTHING i make. i browse through recipes online looking for things that look cheap, easy and fast. i have big plans for his birthday and wish may 20th was way closer. i've found a few good meals and have slowly been "testing" them on my unsuspecting husband. but you really can't go wrong with joel with some good sausage and waffles, mac and cheese, or lasagna. the nights we have those meals=less dinner talk, more joel engulfing his dinner plate. maybe thats the real test if he likes what i make, the speed in which he eats it.

now, i'm off to go eat a fat-free, sugar-free pudding cup and not think about the calorie-saturated chocolate balls sitting on my counter.


Megan said...

Jenny!!!!! I totally didn't even know that you had a blog...I'm such a dumb dumb!!!!

Lorien said...

2 things--
1. keep that recipe. we'll def use it. omg. those looked AMAZING.

2. when you talked about joel eating the first bite, i immediately thought of that old lady in "the wedding singer" watching adam sandler take a bite of the giant meatball. awesome.

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