April 1, 2008

living is fun

Wow. Sorry for the delay in posting. I am going to get better at this, I promise. So, I thought I'd share with y'all something I found interesting at work. On my desktop at work, I get C.S. Lewis quotes everyday. It's all part of iGoogle where you can set up your page how you like. This one stood out to me recently, and it made me stop and think, so I really liked it:

"In the midst of a world of light and love, of song and feast and dance,[Lucifer] could find nothing to think of more interesting than his own prestige."

Inital thought: Was he crazy?? How could you be so dumb to leave that or get so power hungry? But then you think: How many times do I, or we, take forgranted the good that surrounds us daily to pursue something greater for ourselves? We think we have it so rough and tend to focus on the bad instead of the good because it stands out. Good doesn't equal press releases or air time on 6 o'clock news. And when it does, we barely remember it. All the bad things we see stem from some sort of selflishness or power struggle. Murder, drugs, stealing, lying, unfaithfulness, and the list goes on, just turn on your TV set. Why are we never happy with what we have been given? America's mindset has a lot to blame for this mindset we have acquired. The constant battle to the top not caring who you hurt along the way, the pursuit of money and pleasure, making yourself look better no matter what the cost or just plain being selfish.

Selfishness ultimately keeps us from being who we are in Christ. How can we see Him if we are focused on us and our pursuits? When you are constantly striving every day to attain your own goals and not His, I think that battle never ends. There is no attainment in the end because ultimately it was pointless. Whats the point unless He is wrapped up in ALL you do? Thats my daily battle. Forgetting the good and looking to the future and how it can be better even though the present is already great. Waking up and seeing a new day as a chance to glorify Him instead of seek my own ventures or just exist in a world without living.

This C.S. Lewis quote reminds me that each day is full of joy, fun, love and just things to sing about regardless of how we are perceiving it. It also reminds me of the movie "Enchanted." haha. Such a cute, girly movie. She could see no wrong in everyday life, and everything she saw made her super excited and eventually turned into a song of some sort, haha. Not that we have to be that extreme or anything because thats just annoying. But sometimes I think we have to get out of our mindset that we are forced into everyday by TV, peers, media, etc and remember where we come from and how great life can be.

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Sarah said...

WOW! I definitely needed to read that. Great stuff Jenny. :-)

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