November 29, 2008

life lately

a few weeks ago, we went to white light night in mid city. they have it every year and stores open to show local artists' work. you know what stores are showing because of all the white lights, its always so pretty.

i love looking at art and when there is free food, it's just a win-win for everyone. i begged joel to come with me this year, and when he heard there would be food, he finally agreed. we were only able to go to the strip on jefferson, but we had sooo much fun. the art was amazing, and it was just cool to see the local artists chatting it up with everyone going in and out of shops. we were so stuffed by the time we left because every place had a ton of food or desserts. monjuni's even gave out bowls of lasagna and meatballs. but my favorite was the dessert from brew ha-ha and hot white chocolate from some salon. at one point in the evening after we got food and drinks from yet another place and were looking at a painting, joel looked over at me and said, "this is AWESOME. we're coming every year!" that made me happy. :) i knew he would enjoy it.

on friday night, my brother, a senior on his football team, played in a playoff game against central. unfortunately, they played horribly and lost their chance at the dome this year. it was fun being back at an AHS game and being in the stands though. i kept hearing cheers from the cheerleaders that sounded all too familiar. before the game, i definitely got a little too excited and demonstrated our fight song for joel after i found and put on some of my old AHS cheer attire. its amazing how it all comes back to you. needless to say, he was not that impressed, and i might have pulled something, haha. joel also kept making fun of the ram mascot all night, saying it looked like a dog/cow. i just don't see it. overall, it was great to see my little brother play for a bit, but it was sad to watch the team play bad and not pull it out. as long as west monroe or destrehan doesn't win, i'll be happy.

that's james! no. 81

and that would be my mother in the background

so happy to be there...i even made him wear green :) go rams!

what's not ram about that??

my parent's last AHS game...what will they do with their friday nights??


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