January 13, 2009

chocolate craving

so i too have begun the “eat healthier after new years” resolution. i stared temptation right in the face yesterday as i only had a bite of joel's cake and ice cream as we celebrated the birthdays of our cg leaders, brad and tori. i know i could just exercise, but i’d rather just not eat as much. is that bad? soooo i wanted to share what i have found as far as sweets go because i have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and i know some of y’all do too. :) chips ahoy candy bites (aka satisfy my chocolate craving ensuring that my clothes don’t get too tight bites) are the most delicious things i’ve come across since the pringles stix i talked about last year. there are about 17 in a pack and super yummy!

i also really enjoy the chocolate cakes that hostess makes that are 100 calories. they make a ton others, but i’m just so smitten with these, i haven’t branched out yet.

these delightful forms of low calorie chocolate deliciousness help me shed off some of the holiday pounds…someone had waaaay too much oreo bark! i know everyone tries to eat better after the holidays, so i figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more sweeter options as far as low-calorie eating goes.

another easy thing to do that i find works miracles is to just stop eating after 7pm. it seems easy, but once you start, you realize how often you ate late. so with that i compiled a list of things i do when i get hungry:

drink a glass of water
take a bubble bath with music (my favorite bubble bathing music is michael buble...bubble, buble...coincidence? i think not.)
clean, sweep, vacuum, dust, etc.
do some form of craft
check facebook
bug joel while he’s playing x-box
design an invitation for an imaginary wedding, shower, or party
watch a movie with joel

there are a million things to do, and it's usually something productive that wouldn’t have gotten done had i given into my craving. and if i just can’t fight it and need to eat something, i’ll grab a bag a grapes that i froze and eat those (about 15 for 50 calories...1 WW point). but i'm always up for low-calorie snack ideas, so feel free to share!

happy eating!

1 comment:

Angel said...

Yeah, I'm a big 100 calorie pack eater. Now if I can just get my exercising routine. I'd be doing better.

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