November 1, 2012

DIY [halloween costumes, treats, and goodies]

We just had Judah's first Halloween!  I deemed this year "Hot-glue Halloween" because that's what pretty much held all of our costumes together.  I'm a sucker for themed costumes, so I thought for his first Halloween, Judah should be a monkey---but not any monkey---Abu from Aladdin, making us Aladdin and Jasmine. (Picturing Joel in that tiny hat also helped me make that decision--such a good sport.)

So all that was left was to make our costumes.  I think I spent around $30 on supplies and tried to use as much from our house and closets as possible.

This was easy.  The only things I added were a vest (where I hot glued the seams together), a hat, and a tail (boa).  For the hat, I took a red solo cup, cut off the end, and just wrapped it in fabric and trim.  I also added ears and then attached (aka hot glued) it all to elastic that I had. 

A bit more tricky, but his hat was a small tuperware bowl wrapped in fabric and was hotglued to one of my old headbands.  My aunt found these pants on major sale and they were perfect! Like I said, he was a sport, but he kept insisting the Aladdin needed a sword. I wasn't convinced.

I took a ribbon, jewel, and trim and introduced them to hot glue.  I also found blue satin pajama pants for $1 at our local Goodwill.  Other than that, I just wrapped blue chiffon fabric around me and called it a day.

Before we donned our hot-glued costumes,  I sent Judah to daycare with a special onsie (because I can't get enough of making them).

And I even sent over a special treat for Ms. Meagan, who we love and appreciate so much for taking such great care of Judah while I work. I saw this over at dandee designs and knew that my favorite chocolate chip cookies would be a great thank you.  She even has a free downloadable tag if you want to do it next year.  But I couldn't resist making my own!

I had so much fun making hers that I decided to spread the love at work for my hall buddies and student workers.  I saw "monster mix" that darci made over at the good life and thought it was so cute!  So I made my tag and got to cutting.

And then of course I couldn't send Joel to work empty handed.  He requested that it not be too girly.

So that was our Halloween!  I hope it was a good time for everyone!  Judah was still sick on Tuesday, so we had to miss our church's annual Halloweenie Roast, and we were preeetty bummed about that.  But we had a great time passing out candy last night, talking to our neighbors, and seeing all the other costumes.

 And now that his first Halloween is officially over, I can probably scale back for next year.  Well we'll see.  :)

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