November 2, 2012

test drive

I have a great point and shoot camera, but I'd be lying if I said haven't always want a nice, big camera that has more bells and whistles.  For my birthday, I told Joel I wanted to look into getting a used DSLR, since new ones usually retail for about $700.

Joel was skeptical about purchasing something that was still relatively expensive without knowing the full history or if the camera had been dropped.

So I started talking to people and doing some research.  Well this week, when talking about it with our IT guy who loves taking pictures, he said that he was actually about to put his Canon on a refurbished site to sale because he was getting a Nikon for Christmas.  Sooo he let me take it home over the weekend to give it a test drive, and if I like it then he would sell it to me instead.  Excitement could not explain the feeling I was experiencing--such a small world and Joel is on board since we know the owner takes great care of all things electronic and technology related.

So I've been snapping shots since yesterday and decided to give it a spin today.  I am totally sold and can't wait to get to work on Tuesday to write him a check and call it done!

Here are a few shots of Judah modeling his latest onsie I made and some pics of him eating.  I am by no means attempting to become a photographer, but at least now I'll have some pictures of me that aren't fuzzy since the manual mode is Joel proof.  (yay!)

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