October 30, 2012

santangelo photography [then and now]

Last Sunday, we took Judah's 6 month pics.  Christi Santangelo did our engagements over 5 years ago, and we still have a few of them framed because we love them so much.  I recently contacted her since she's been offering mini sessions for a few years now around this time to get her latest prices.  When I did, she had the great idea of trading services.  She needed a few Christmas card templates for her mini-session clients and I needed pictures.  Sounded like a great deal to me!

We decided to take his pictures at LSU since it's our favorite place and holds the best memories for us as a couple. A few days after the shoot, she sent us some sneak peeks and we were so beyond thrilled and in love!!

As I was looking through them all, I couldn't get over how much has happened since we first stepped in front of her camera in 2007.  I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison while I get all his pictures together (just got them all today--so excited!).  I put a few on facebook, but there are so many more--I'm going to need to invest in even more frames than I already have.  Yikes.

Joel loves this part of campus, which is known as "The Enchanted Forest"
Same spot with Judah but with flat hair on Joel and short hair on me--not to mention the extra poundage--a work in progress!

The spot where Joel proposed.  :)

Same spot and now holds even more happy memories.

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