October 28, 2012

six months with our man

  1. He is a rolling machine! At 5 months he finally discovered how to roll from his back to his belly.  He's been rolling from his belly to back since about 3 months, and now that he has the two figured out together, it's his way of getting around.  It's hilarious to see him zero in on something and then roll towards it.

  2.  He started solids.  Well kind of.  We tried him on rice cereal last week and he was so not a fan.  We're gonna try again this week and then try the oatmeal if he doesn't like it still.  Then in a couple weeks, we're gonna start vegetables!  I can't believe it's already time for all of this!

  3. He's discovering his voice.  He's been babbling and cooing for a while now, but lately his volume has gotten so high.  His most recent thing is to go, "EEEEE!!" When I do it to him he just laughs and then a little later he'll belt it out. haha.

  4. He's starting to recognize me.  And it makes me melt everytime.  Lately when I pick him up from Ms. Meagan's house, he give me the biggest grin.  And today when Joel was holding him and I walked in the room he smiled and put his hands out to me.  :)  He's been giving Joel huge smiles and coos everytime he walks in the room, so now I'm finally getting to see what it feels like, and I gotta say, it's the best thing ever.

  5. He got his first cold.  Thanks to me.  He's actually still battling it and it's the saddest thing to witness since you can't really give babies anything.  I've had a little cold for the last few days and right when I thought I shook it, Judah woke up one day a little stuffy.  The next day he was a little worse but nothing that lingered.  And then we went to a wedding outside, and that put it over the top.  The way home and all last night he was so congested and stopped up.  Then he started his little pitiful half-cough.  And then the sneezing came.  He's already doing much better, so I'm definitely relieved.  But I still felt so awful that he's having to go through it even though I knew it was bound to happen eventually. 

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