October 26, 2012

DIY [iron on transfer onsies]

Like any good tiger fan, I had to make sure Judah was adequately stocked in the LSU gear department.  Problem was...I didn't have anything for him when the first game snuck up on me.  So shameful.  Sorry Judah--I promise to make up for it one day with all the jerseys and foam fingers your heart desires (well not really, but we can pretend).

So I went searching for little boy LSU onsies.  I found some really cute ones and was tempted for a moment, but I could not get over how expensive printing LSU's logo on about 5 inches of fabric was. No thank you.

Insert lightbulb.  I realized that I could totally make my own with the help of an iron-on transfer.  As long as the design is contained in a shape that you can easily cut out, you don't have to mess with the weird white shiny background that screams iron-on transfer.

This was so addicting!  Plus, the ideas for onsies just start rolling once you begin.  I had a hard time stopping!

Also, you don't need fancy design software to make these.  Word has lots of shapes, and fonts can be found for free all over the place! Just be sure to mirror the image before printing.  :)

So after the onsies were complete and I deemed it a success, I decided to let him model my favorite one.

Tiger fan in the making...

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