October 23, 2012

design [erin's graduation party invitations]

 These invitations were a lot of fun because they were different from my normal invitation designs.  When Erin emailed me that she wanted an invite to celebrate not so much her graduation but her becoming an RN, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.  

Since I know Erin personally and she's in our community group, I knew the ups and downs she's faced during her time in nursing school and all the challenges she experienced.  So what other way to celebrate her path to becoming an RN then with a timeline with pictures showing all those things??  She loved the idea and had the perfect pictures for every milestone that I suggested.

She pretty much is who I think of when I hear the word perseverance. We couldn't be more excited for her as she starts her nursing career in the ER!  You did it!!

Congrats Eryn---errr...I mean Erin!! :)

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