October 18, 2012


Today marks the 5th year I started this little blog!  Happy Blogoversary to me!!

Here was the first banner I made for it years ago:

Yikes. So bad.  Originally my blog has this little name because I thought all blogs had to have a clever title--even if what I came up with wasn't clever at all.  The title came from the fact that I don't always have a filter when talking about things, and sometimes I can just be blunt to a fault to those closet to me.  But soon I decided that it was a blog about us, so that's what it became:

I remember when I wrote my first post --We were just married, and I was procrastinating from doing homework.  I was only taking one last class and just anxious to graduate.  Unfortunately I was heading up the creative team for our advertising campaign final project and suffering from a major creative block.  No pressure though, right?

Well I decided that maybe by focusing on a different creative outlet, it might get things moving.  And I was right!  Our team later went on to win the campaign and I won a few Addys in the process.

Me and my best of show Addy (such a great moment!) in our old apartment circa 2008

That honestly feels like it was soooo long ago.  I miss those guys and our team--they were all super talented and a blast to be around.

Finally I graduated and started working full time and then really had time to blog.  Around this time, the whole scrapbooking trend emerged and my blog morphed into this:

So not me.  And then this was when green and black was ever so popular:

Eventually I decided that simple was much more my style and went with this one for a while as well as added our family motto:

Until it finally became this (and stayed this) for the last couple years:

Over the last 5 years, I've written about 170 posts and had thousands of visitors from around the globe--some of you I know dearly and others I've never met.  But either way, thank you so much for wanting to keep up with our life happenings and putting up with all the things I deem blogworthy. I don't really advertise this blog for many reasons right now, so that means that you have added me to your weekly reads, remembered our page, or have bookmarked us--so special.  :)

I hope to look back on this blog many years from now and think about all the great times we had and how our family became who it is.  

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malary said...

happy blogoversary! So cool to see all of your banners!!!

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