October 18, 2007

back to blogging

so i missed blogging and decided to start one again. i was on xanga forever ago it seemed, but facebook came and destroyed it and others like it. i don't really have anything to say yet, but that im waiting for joel to get home so we can go to target. we found one of our presents and decided that we'd rather use it for groceries :) but after this, im boycotting target. not only do they have a jacked up return policy, but their return policy sucks. thats how much i hate it.

graduation is all i can think about the past two days. ive been so engulfed in school work and trying to think up a stupid campaign idea for class that i completely forgot about the fact that im graduating in 2 months. so awesome, yet so scary. i've been so comfortable with the routine of going to school every semester that i forgot about the fact that its going to end. im not sad that its ending or anything because i should have been writing this last may. stupid 4 hours short. im not bitter. no, me and my whole graduating class is.

well everybody loves raymond should be coming on any minute. man, i love that show.


Anonymous said...

yo jenny! i blog on this site too...I remember the good ol' days of xanga...but we are grownups now...and blogspot is the choice. hope you are doing well! =)

Lorien said...

WOO HOO! I love reading blogs!!

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