October 19, 2007

Friday Surprise

how much i love my husband! about as much as i love calling him husband, but more :) so i walked in the apartment today after a long day of work and much to my surprise, he had these waiting for me with a big box of chocolate. ok, so i lied about the chocolate. but the daisies were plenty! in fact, he even put those rock pebble things in the vase, haha. so precious.

i have to give him credit though with all his halo playing, he does a great job of giving me the attention i need. after i got home and rested, we went get coffee and swing in the park. i forgot how much i love to swing. allow me to paint a you a swinging and seeing how high i could get with my toes pointed and all then i look over to see that joel has spun the swing up so tight and was hanging from it by his hands spinning out of control and yelling like a little girl. it looked fun, so i tried it. definitely not as easy as it looked. it hurt my fingers and required more effort than i thought. the fun did not outweigh the pain, so i went back to swinging.

i want to learn how to sew. i made a pair of boxers in fourth grade once that i still wear today. the fabric i picked then is now embarrassing, but they've lasted me this long and are so comfortable! but i kinda need a machine, fabric, thread, and sewing classes first. well, i'll sew one day. :)

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! my parents are coming in this weekend and im soo excited!

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