December 13, 2007

First time's a charm

So tonight, me and Joel put up our first Christmas tree. :) We were very fortunate to even get it since we hadn't really budgeted for one. But thankfully for some awesome ladies from church, we had a tree, lights and ornaments in a matter of days after they found out we didn't have one for our first Christmas together. How sweet? God provides even for the small things.

Joel made spaghetti; we put the tree up and made a night of it. We had to separate the parts of the tree so we could put the right limbs on, which was a task in itself (they were color coated. who knew?). after we put the parts of the tree together, it just didn't look right. The pole in the middle was the focal point and just screamed fake Christmas tree. Then Joel realized that we put them in upside down. Did I mention I was graduating college next week?? But the funniest part was that we didn't have hooks for the ornaments, so thanks to quick thinking, bent paper clips, twisty ties and bobby pins they're hanging pretty! :) Then it was time for the topper. I opened the box that my parent's sent me, which contained the topper that we have used since I can remember. Its a brunette angel that my nana got for me when i was born, but I'll admit that it is a tad scary, haha. Joel couldn't believe I actually wanted to put it on the top. Its a little crooked and creepy, but we're making memories. We were determined to make work what was given to us so generously. :) So needless to say, our first tree experience was a special one that won't be forgotten. Thank God for giving people and first Christmas memories!

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