February 23, 2008

Google me...I dare you

so things are going preeeetty well these days. i recently went to the Addy's, which is an award show for advertising and graphic design professionals that gives awards for all the advertising campaigns in BR over the last year from print, radio to TV. my prof urged me to enter my work in the student portion, so annoyingly i did. it cost a pretty penny, but it def paid off because....I WON!!! i won 3 Addy's (1 gold and 2 silver) and then to top it all, when i thought it was all over, they called my name for The Best of Show award in the student category. the highest honor! i think joel was more proud of me than i was, haha.

this explains it all :) i was sooo surprised and extremely taken aback. all my hard work and sleepless nights paid off in the highest form. my office was even there to see me win, but the best thing about the whole experience is that i was given me more creative responsibility, which is sooooo amazing and what i have been praying for. creativity is by far the best part of advertising. its awesome how God used my work as a student to boost my self-confidence in what i do and career all at the same time.

this was me in front of my designs that won gold

me and my handsome and supportive hubby :)


Lorien said...

JENNY!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS! I would LOVE to see your entries. Seriously.

Sarah said...

YAY!! that's awesome! Congratulations!!!

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