March 5, 2008


so i have been getting restless in our little apartment. i wish i had the time and money to totally redecorate and oh if i could paint, i'd be so happy. but thats not realistic. i've been wanting to fill up the space above our mantle for the longest time. we got a mirror that my parents had since i was little, but it was oddly shaped and just didn't do it for me. so i thought of wrapping a canvas with a fabric that i liked. now i know i didn't make up this idea, so i started googling and trying to find the cheapest and effective way. i stumbled across how about orange's blog and realized what i wanted to do. this chick is awesome and her blog is totally addictive.

soooo, i went to hobby lobby after work and after getting a budget and blessing from my sweet husband joel. first off, i could spend hours in that store even if i don't buy anything. but i stumbled upon a great fabric that had a bunch of the colors in our living room. i'm a sucker for paisley. and it was on a MAJOR sale from $15 to $4! i had to have it. then i got the wood frames. i used 40 x 32 and they were so cheap! who knew? i also stumbled across a heart cookie cutter on sale that i've been eying for a while. yes! today was a successful hobby lobby day :)

heres my progress in case you're interested...

before :(

after :)

a close up...

far away

joel likes and i like so i'm happy. for now :) next project i have on my list is a headboard. i already have a few ideas...any suggestions? we'll see how it goes.


Lorien said...

I LOVE IT!!! The mantle looks beautiful! I love using fabric as art. Heck, I just love fabric. Here are some ideas for the headboard (I just typed out a really long comment and it didn't go through, so i'll make this one shorter).

1. Paint
2. Stretch some fabric over just a simple plywood frame, similar to your mantle.
3. Buy a shower curtain and do as #2.
4. Purchase 2 or 3 large beautiful open-back frames for 1/2 off at HobLob. Then staple some fabric around a thin piece of plywood (or paint on several canvases). Place them in the frames and place the frames side by side for a streamlined look.
5. Go to Lowe's and purchase a large piece of mirrored glass. Hang and watch Joel's eyes light up. :)

Jessica Denny said...

hey - i'm lorien's friend from columbia, and she asked if i had any suggestions for your headboard, so here goes! good luck!

a) instead of wrapping fabric around a plywood frame, try that firm green styrofoam & use spray-adhesive to attach your fabric. it's lighter and may be cheaper & easier to mount on the wall.
b) search hobbylobby's sale flyers for when their garden stuff is on sale & use a large piece of wrought ironwork or garden gate
c) shop flea markets or antique shops for something - anything you like that will fill up that space
d) get a long curtain rod (70"+) & hang up a cute shower curtain (it'd have to not look too shower-curtainy for this to work
e) install a short curtain rod (less than 33"ish) on the CEILING above where your headboard would be and hang long window panels from it, cascading down either side of the bed near where the pillows go.
f) omg i could go on all night, i love this stuff
g) hang a bunch of votives on the wall using those screw bracket things from the plumbing section (could be spray painted black or leave them metal). they're completely adjustable to fit around any inexpensive box of glass votives. instant romance baby!
okay, seriously, i have to stop. have fun, newlyweds!!!!!

Sarah said...

It looks very cute!! I just started painting again and am about to finish my first piece since highschool! Then I'm going to buy 4 canvases and make a painting out of them, putting them together kind of spaced out when I'm finished to go in our apt. Just gotta figure out the colors we want first!

Hmmm...what would we do while they are engulfed in montages! LOL! We have to find something in common haha! (And more than one thing, so we don't end up like Brady and Joel...halo..halo...halo..)

Valerie said...

You are way to cute. I love your blog!

Sarah said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited!!! Hmmm...I'll look at Brady's schedule and see when we can come over. This weekend?? What's good for you?

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