April 17, 2013

design [Judah's 1st Birthday Party Invitations]


I absolutely cannot believe this is already happening! You hear everyone say "time flies," but until you see it for yourself, you have no clue how true this statement really is.

For Judah's party, we're planning a lion theme.  Since he doesn't really have any favorites yet, we picked a theme synonymous with his name.  The "Lion of Judah" is something that I love when people bring up, and we have actually gotten quite a few lion gifts along the way.  It's a part of his name that I didn't realize how much I would enjoy until after we named him.

I wanted his invitation to reflect the joy that Judah brings to us and let our friends and family know how thankful we are to them, especially during this past year.  Even if they can't attend, we still wanted to send them this thank you. Between calls, texts, "check-ins," e-mails, and free babysitting, I'm not sure how we would have managed.  Having a baby can be really challenging, so those closest to us are more precious than ever.

I feel like I've grown so much this past year, and I know that I still have growing to do. But for now, I get to finish planning and decorating for his party, which I'm sure will be here and over way too fast. 

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