April 23, 2013

Judah wearing

I am no hippy,  but I do love me some baby wearing.  I still wear Judah a little and he still LOVES it.  When Judah was about 2 months, I got a Moby wrap since he didn't like to be put down and I needed to start getting some stuff done around the house.  It took a couple YouTube videos and practice with a Judah-sized stuffed frog, but I eventually got it down and gained confidence each time I was able to get Judah in and out of the Moby successfully.

Once I saw how much he loved his time in there, I found myself not only wearing him at home, but using it to take trips grocery shopping, eating out, taking a stroll, or just running errands. He was content for hours.

When Judah was about 9 months, I got a Maya wrap as well that I keep in the car with me.  While the Maya wrap isn't NEARLY as comfortable as the Moby, I got it because I needed a quicker solution for a baby that liked to ride in the cart at the store and be held.  With the Maya wrap, it's more of a sling, so I can just pull it on in no time and put Judah in and out as he needs.  SO EASY! It does hurt my back and I have to switch sides with every use.  It's also less secure than the Moby (I wouldn't have used it with a 2-month old Judah--just personal preference), but the convenience is fabulous, and I only use it for times when I won't be wearing it for long time-frames.  Plus it has a nifty little pocket that I keep my wallet in and maybe a diaper, which makes quick store trips even easier without lugging around a purse.

Shopping in Walmart.  Not the ideal situation for the sling since it was a long trip, but Walmart buggies make me cringe.

Both are easy to nurse in.  I think the sling is the easiest to nurse in, but less discreet.  I never think to dress for nursing before I go on outings (aka wear a couple layers), so I'm usually having to drape the tail all the way around me and I still have a little back showing.  But with the Moby, it takes more maneuvering, but you can arrange it (which can be a little difficult with a screaming baby in the middle of Target) to where they are in a cradle position.  Once we get all the wrap parts secured, then it's a hands free nursing situation.  Which is a win for everyone.  I get to shop or have lunch in a restaurant and Judah gets to eat.

 Is Judah eating or sleeping?? Which do you think? :)

Both wraps are made for 35 lbs and, while Judah is a good 15 lbs away from that (small fry), I don't have plans to wear him until he hits that mark.  I use the basket now when I go to Target because he loves watching people and being in the cart. I also don't need it when we go out to eat since he eats what we eat now and is not a screaming baby that needs to be nursed every 2 hours.

I do still use the sling when I have to run a quick errand that I don't need a basket for or at home if he's being especially clingy and I need to get some things done around the house.  Or, like in the case below, if he's not feeling well because his ears hurt.  :(  Then I would wear him and cuddle with him all day.

And I use the wrap for longer-period outings (like the mall or outside events) or if he's fighting sleep and I'm desperate. A lot of moms that I run into during errands in my wrap tell me that it was the only way their baby slept or how much they loved wearing them.  Both the wrap and sling are great conversation starters!

Parades are ideal for the wrap. I could wear him like this for hours without even feeling it on my back.

If you are interested in baby wearing but are intimidated by it, I am here to say that I was there and found that it just takes a few tries.  After that you won't look back! It's not near as difficult to figure out the wraps as you think.  Plus once you're use it, you also see how safe it is (that baby isn't going anywhere) and is where they love to be--snuggled up next to momma.


Ashley said...

I'm gonna guess sleeping. ;)

Katie said...

I love babywearing. I have 3 ring slings, a woven wrap, an Ergo and a Beco. Love the sling for quick trips like you mentioned then it depends on my mood/location for the others. Lexie doesn't always want to be worn though.

Charlotte said...

I love my maya wrap! I never embraced the moby as much, probably because Jack was born in the summer and it was just too dang hot and I never could get the hang of tying it right. Jack also loves to be worn. Do you have one of the newer maya wraps with padding on the shoulder? If not it may help to spread the fabric out across your shoulder a little more.

Jenny said...

oh i love it too charlotte! and yeah it has the padding, but it just never stays over my shoulder, especially when i'm moving my arms a lot. but it is much easier to get him in and out of these days, so it's my go-to carrier these days. :)

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