April 11, 2013

design [cs photo logo]

It's always fun to design a new logo, especially when it's for someone that you've known so long. Chad was one of the first friends I made at LSU in 2003, and he quickly proved to be one of my closest confidants that kept me and everyone else laughing nonstop, whether we were headed to class or just passing time. Ah, college--good times!

So when Chad asked me about branding his blossoming photography business, I was more than happy to say yes.  He wanted something rustic, masculine, and fun.  He also used the word "approachable," which I had never encountered before but thought it was a great thing to include in how you want your business to feel to others.

For his logo, I did something that I've been seeing pop up lately around design blogs: a brand board! 
It was a lot of fun to make to make this board, and it helped me convey to him how I see his brand and the different aspects of his logo, along with colors and seamless patterns that can carry over into blog or twitter backgrounds.  I also wanted to provide the fonts that I think go nicely with his logo that he can use in any print materials he has--business cards, stationery, CDs...the options are endless!

So if you have any photography needs, check out CS Photo.  I promise that you're bound to have a fun time and get some great pics out of it as well. You can find him on facebook here.

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