April 4, 2013

"curious george"

I feel like this picture sums Judah up so well.  In your face, crawling up something, getting into everything, all with an adorable grin and look of interest (usually with food on his face and crumbs in his hair).

Joel and I are constantly amazed at how Judah's curiosity is so intense.  He explores non-stop and nothing holds his interest for longer than 2 minutes.  We joke and sing "Curious Geaooorge, Curious Geeeaooorge" to each other in the weird way that the cartoon sings its intro when he is getting into something.  But Judah is just that--curious.

I'm anxious to see how this translates into his life as he gets older.  Will he want to work with his hands? Will he love to travel and explore? Will he have a unquenchable thirst for knowledge? Or will he just have ADD? I kid, I kid.

I like to think that it's just part of his personality. And while I sometimes catch myself wishing he was a little more content for longer periods of time or didn't require so much attention, I have to realize that this is the first glimpse into his little personality and to let him roam, explore, and discover new and fun things!

Right now, he loves to walk with his walker EVERYWHERE and gets especially frustrated when we don't let him into something or if he can't fit into a certain space.  He is so fast too! Yesterday, I could swear he was almost running as he went back and forth into the living room and kitchen about 20 times (all while screaming for fun and laughing when he bumped into me or other things).

He also loves to throw his ball and then crawl in a hurry to retrieve it and then throw it again, retrieve it, and so on and so on. When we're on the ground with him, he will make an effort to go out of his way to crawl OVER us and then go play with whatever he had his eye on.  It's so funny.

I feel like his little mind races and you can sometimes see it on his face.  So while it also may be exhausting to keep up with, he is our curious, hyper, and happy Judah--and we love him so much for it.  Maybe this is why he won't sleep! :) 

Let's see what being one brings in the next few weeks!

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