August 31, 2012

must have [may books]

A fellow paper-enthusiastic friend from work got me on the May Books bandwagon after showing me her latest gift from a friend.  I was in desperate need of a new calendar since I'm no longer at a computer 24/7 and need access to my schedule.  I've always preferred paper over digital and these little books are the perfect size!  (Not to mention they are hand-stitched and have a great texture to them.)

You can go to their website and design your own and even add your monogram (or anything really) for an extra $5. They would make a great birthday present of Christmas gift because you can choose the inside contents as well.  I chose the academic calendar option, but they also have calendar year, menu planner, agenda, diaries for wedding or pregnancy, and they also have the option for blank pages with grid paper, lined paper, or plain paper.  The options are endless! :)

I especially enjoyed their packaging.  It didn't take me long to transfer all my information from my online calendar to this one, and it's already come in to so handy.  I love it so much!

1 comment:

malary said...

I am so glad you introduced me to these but now I can't decide which one to get!!! I have three different ones in my shopping cart and can't pick just one!!!

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