August 28, 2012

four months with our man

  1. He started picking his head up while lying down.  He's been able to pick it up while on his belly.  But two weeks ago, he was in his swing and he just started lifting his head up like he was trying to get out (thank goodness for safety harnesses!).

  2. He is a very active sleeper.  This isn't something he just started doing, but has been doing since we can remember.  We'll put him down in one position, and then sometimes when we go to get him, he has completely turned the opposite direction!  He also picks his legs straight up, so when he was sleeping in our room 2 months ago, sometimes all we would see were his little swaddled legs poking over the pack 'n play.  He still does it, but it's not near as enjoyable when you're watching it from the monitor.

  3. He has a his first favorite toy.  Ever since he started grasping things more consistently, we gave him a little ball type toy that has lots of openings for him to grab onto.  He loves it!  We give it to him and he holds it over his head, chews on it, shakes it up and down, etc.  It is so fun to watch him play with it--and it's hard not to laugh when he knocks himself in the head or face with it.  I'm sure he'll learn eventually!

  4. He is drooling and chewing on everything.  I know this means he is about to start teething, and I just can't imagine how sweet he'll look with teeth creeping in. His favorite thing to chew on is his swaddler (swaddling blankets).  We try to give him other things, but in the end, he just wants to play with his blanket.  In fact, he often plays peek-a-boo by himself now.  Again, it is the funniest thing to watch. (No one is around; he just laughs at himself, haha)

  5. He is getting so hard to change. Now that he is grasping onto things, he tends to grab your hand while trying to change him. Its so sweet and really hard to break his grip because he is just smiling at you while holding your hand.  He also is a kicking machine. (I should have been prepared for this, judging by how active he was before he was born.)  And he has discovered his toes, so when he's not grabbing you or kicking like crazy, he's scrunched up in a little ball playing with his feet. It's a miracle sometimes just to get a diaper on him--it's also probably because he looooves being naked, but what little boy doesn't? :)

    And a very Happy Birthday to Tauntie Nat, Tauntie Val, and Papa! The 28th is such a great number! We love y'all!!

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