August 26, 2012

cold in the summer

I haven't been sick in over a year.  I was shocked that Joel got sick 3 times last year, and I was able to avoid it while being pregnant.  But I guess my time was overdue because about two Thursdays ago, I woke up with a sore throat and was super achy.  Not my idea of a great start to my time with Judah.

Since I clearly got sick from a certain someone, we knew it was contagious and the best thing would be for me to avoid as much contact with little man as possible. Joel brought Judah to childcare that day and then volunteered to burn one of his annual days on Friday (he's a gem!) to take care of not one, but two babies.

Judah definitely kept him on his toes and even decided to skip a few naps, so he was even more fun to deal with, haha.  I couldn't avoid all contact because I still had to feed him, but I was well equipped just in case (of course Joel has plenty of these lying around!).

Being sick for the first time with a small baby was something I wasn't prepared for--I had no clue what I could do or what I could take since I'm still nursing.  Thank goodness for the lactation nurses at the hospital.  I'm pretty sure I call them at least once a month.  They were so helpful and I learned that I'm actually doing Judah a favor by feeding him in the midst of me being sick since I'm creating and adding certain antibodies to his food than I wouldn't be normally.  It is SO cool how the body works--how does anyone doubt a Creator after nursing their child--or better yet, giving/witnessing birth.

So at least I was able to hold him in 40-minute increments, but other than that, Joel completely took over playtime, story-time, bath-time, naps, soothing, changing, etc. And he didn't just take over Judah duty, but house duty as well. Friday is my day to get the house back in order after a chaotic week, so Joel had his fair share of dishes and bottles that needed washing and drying.

He did it so happily that I felt bad for not contributing in the slightest. But every time I tried to do a chore, I was fussed at for not drinking more juice or for not being in bed or on the couch.  If I never hear, "I don't see any juice in your hand" again, I'll be a happy girl.  Why is it that when you're ordered to drink lots of juice and rest, you never can??? 

Thankfully, it was just a 72-hour bug, and I was feeling better on Sunday.  I had a lot of playtime to make up with little man, but I think I was able to accomplish it just fine.  :)

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