August 24, 2012

good read [pinstrosity]

Ahh Pinterest. We have such a love/hate relationship.

I love that I can "pin" images and ideas from my favorite blogs and store them there with the link instead of a folder on my desktop. I love that it encourages people to be crafty and creative. I love that it is the reason why my kitchen produces a lot more tasty items and pretty desserts. And I love that it helps decorate our world's houses one DIY starburst mirror at a time.

However,there are so many things that I can't stand.

I hate that it breeds comparison, materialism, and bad body image--just to name a few. I think I've unsubscribed to every person's "fitness" board or "motivation" board because they drive me crazy. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that I just had a baby and am carrying around an extra 15 lbs, so when I log onto Pinterest and see about 10 "before/after" shots or 5 ab close-ups, I want to scream...and then eat a Snickers.

Obviously, it is a great tool to use when you need a place to store things that intrigue you or that do help you eat better and exercise. Nothing against that. I just think we need to be careful with our pins and the motivation behind why we pin things. Do we find pleasure in turning mason jars into soap dispensers? Or do we want all our friends to think how crafty and cool my house is? Am I pinning this because I want my pin feed to look trendy and stylish or because I am actually going to reference these outfits and looks when I go shopping? Do I want to have that tiny waist and tight abs because I want to look hot and skinny or because it means I'll be more healthy?

There have been so many times I've found myself scrolling and scrolling and then just thinking, "Who cares about any of this stuff?!?" But eventually I always come back because it provides a forum for some pretty great projects and recipes that I would never have found without it.

So that's where this gem of a blog comes in. And I think that those of you who have pinned things only to experience a complete failure will appreciate this.

It allows readers to submit their pinning mishaps (because we have ALL have them) and take comfort in the fact that most of those beautiful pins we see have been practiced until perfection, carefully staged, and then beautifully photographed. So of course ours isn't going to look like theirs!

But there are some just complete failures that beg the question, "Who gave this person an oven??" This site cracks me up so much and I thought all you pinners out there would get a laugh or two out of it as well.

Enjoy and happy pinning!
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