August 22, 2012

dedication invitation

I sent these bad boys out last weekend to our family and friends who don't attend our church.  While I'm sure I didn't need to design an invitation announcing this event, I definitely wanted to.  Really any excuse I get to design something for myself I take.  Whether that means making up reasons or not. :)

Our church uses the term "family dedication" instead of "baby dedication" and I so love that because it just goes to show the nature of those that we share community with.  I already feel so supported by the other mothers around me who give me advice and calm my worries or who keep me company while nursing Judah before church. ;)  It's also a wonderful feeling to have people entering/living in our same stage of life and to know we have people praying on our family's behalf all the time.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to take some pictures during the dedication and afterwards, but until then, I'm hoping that Judah keeps growing, so he can fit into the little suit we have picked out for him!

1 comment:

malary said...

you don't have to worry about pictures i will be the crazy aunt taking pictures for you ;) Can't wait to see little man and how much he has grown since our last visit.

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