February 8, 2012

growing gilbert [28 weeks]

Seven down--two to go! The last 4 months have seemed to fly by, and I really am feeling great overall.  I forget to take advantage of resting, so Joel has to remind me often.  The main thing that we've been up to is getting Judah's room ready.  And when I say we--it's been all Joel doing the hard labor.  I pick out paint colors, furniture, etc. and he gets to carry it all out. I feel so helpless at times not being able to help with things.  I also tend to get a little ahead of myself and forget that Joel is only one person.  :)

A cool aspect that being this far along brings is getting to see the ripples and movements in my stomach as Judah moves around.  He's changed the shape of a few times, which freaks us both out--he's really active right as I'm about to go to bed at night, which is a great time for both of us to just sit back and watch.

I'm so looking forward to the next two months and getting ready for his arrival.  My shower is this weekend, and I could not be more excited.  I think it will especially hit home that April is on it's way.  Which is good because we are both DYING to meet him and welcome him into his home.

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