July 6, 2011

must have [pretty pages]

penguin classics

Since I took a break from design orders this summer, I've had sooo much free time.  I thought I would get bored quickly and resort to building up my designs--which is true to a certain point, but mainly I've spent most of my free time reading.

I never thought I would enjoy reading as much as I am since I don't normally turn to books first as a source of entertainment.  But over the last few months, I've found myself staying up late to finish a book because I just had to know what happens, crying my eyes out at some of the sweetest combinations of words I've ever seen on paper, and practically throwing a book across the room when a plot twist came out of nowhere. However, while it's clearly taken a toll on my emotions, it's been such an enjoyable way to spend my summer nights.

I wish I had more to show for all the books I've read besides the wear and tear of my library card, so that's where the penguin hardcover classics come in (designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith).  When I spotted them in Barnes and Noble and Anthropologie the other day, I wanted to buy every single one of these popular stories that have been made even more magnificent with such great cover designs, textures, and color schemes.

So if you enjoy reading and putting pretty things on your bookshelves, then you should buy a few penguin classics asap.  Happy reading!

Want to know what I'm reading?  Check out my pinterest with some of the books from my summer reading list!

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