June 30, 2011

monday lunches

Over the last year, Joel has been counseling at a local counseling center on his day off.  He works four 10s at his regular job so he can allocate his Mondays to building a client base and doing what he loves so much.  It's also a great perk for me because that means he's in town and not 45 minutes away, which most of the time means we get to spend our lunch breaks together.

During college, we would leave campus and have lunch pretty much every week, usually at Jason's Deli (ha!).  He would pick me up in front of ceba after my marketing class, and we would head over for a lunch that was usually more expensive than we should have allowed, mainly because he always insisted on paying.  But man, how I looked forward to those lunches. There was no stopping my smile once I saw his truck waiting in the parking lot.  :)

These days, that truck is now retired, and his goatee and faux hawk have been replaced with a burly beard and product-free hair, but I can definitely say that I still get as excited waiting to see his car pull up in front of my window as I did back when I was still getting used to the idea of having a boyfriend.

And yes (in case you're wondering), we have branched out from Jason's Deli's salad bar and soft serve and now try to find local places that we wouldn't normally think to go.  So if you know of any great lunch spots, let me know--we just might need somewhere new to go next Monday.

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Ashley said...

My top pics:
Zeeland Street
Yvette Marie's @ Circa 1857
La Madeleine's

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