April 21, 2010

must have [aussie hair]

i did the unthinkable.

after 11 years of using the same hair product, i switched. BIG mistake. big. huge. (10 pts. if you can name that movie) i've always gone with what i know. i don't like change, so it was very unlike me to grab a different bottle of scrunch spray at the store last month instead of my precious grape-scented aussie spray.

it was at the ripe age of 14 that i found the purple bottle and people started associating me the smell of grape. i always recommend aussie to anyone with kind of wavy hair and tell them that it will change their life. because it will. it does the job without getting flaky or making your hair hard.

so why i tried to branch out is beyond me. i will never do it again. after 3 days of wondering how i randomly developed dandruff, i realized it was the after effects of a scrunch spray impostor.

lesson learned. jenny & aussie 4 life.


Ashley said...

Pretty Woman!

Amanda Causey said...

dangit ashley beat me to the punch haha!

Jonathan's (daily news) said...

I lok\ve Aussie hair spair and shampoo , and it smells like Dimatap to me

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